Bison Owner - Operator Program

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Bison Owner-Operator Program

Why Partner With Bison?

As an independent Owner-Operator, your goal is to grow and maximize profits. You need a strategy to increase revenue while minimizing operational expenses. Bison's exclusive Owner-Operator program provides you with the benefits of a large fleet while running your independent operation.

Strong Fuel Discount

Bison has a dedicated fuel team who negotiate discounts for Owner-Operators by working with our preferred suppliers. By leveraging our fleet of over 3,000 trucks we have the buying power to ensure we receive one of the strongest fuel discounts in the business.
  • Canadian Fuel Discount: Ranges from 15 to 22 cents per litre off retail price.
  • U.S. Fuel Discount: Ranges from 35 to 77 cents per gallon off retail price.​​​​​​​
Graph showing how much Bison Owner-Operators save with Bison's fuel subsidy

Licencing and Insurance

Only $675/month (includes all permits, and toll transponders).

Maintenance Services Provided to Owner-Operators

Bison Transport maintains full maintenance facilities in Winnipeg, Calgary, Mississauga, Langley and Edmonton. The Parts Department at these facilities stock a large selection of parts and supplies. A variety of other services such as preventative maintenance, on-the-road breakdown assistance, as well as the benefits of Bison Transport’s volume discounts and national fleet pricing are available for Owner-Operators.